Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Fun With The Entire Family

Family Camp. The thought of those two words being put together for most people conjures up images of bad dancing, kids avoiding their parents, and ultimately just a really weird/awkward experience of all.

Take it from a person who has worked at a family camp for 2 summers, those things could not be further from the truth (except maybe the bad dancing, but when everyone is a bad dancer is it really considered bad dancing???). Family camp is a place where you and your family can grow closer together and have an incredible time and make lasting memories.

For example, if your kids are terrified of the zipline, the heights just aren’t going to work for them, it is a great time to teach your kids to be brave and you can do it with them! Imagine the look on their face when they are zipping down next to their dad/mom. I saw this picture many times at camp, and needless to say, it was priceless.

“But there’s no way my kids would want to do anything with me and my spouse for a whole week at camp”….This can happen, kids at a certain age have the “mom and dad don’t get me” attitude and will try to avoid you as much as possible. Family camp knows that, and makes family activities fun and engaging and breaks down those barriers that have been placed up. Families that are having a tough time getting through to their kids at the beginning of the week are usually the last ones to leave on the last day because they have learned how much fun each others company is.

Another huge perk of family camp is getting to know the other families that go the same week as you! If you continue to go for many years, you are able to stay in contact with these families and create some great camp friendships. Working at family camp, I got to see families who hadn’t seen each other for 51 weeks go crazy and get excited when some families that they had been to camp with for years came through the door.

Family Camp is a great place to grow closer to your family and create lifelong memories. Don’t let your preconceived notions of what family camp might be get in the way of researching which camp would fit your family best! 

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Social Marketing During the Summer Months - Changing Seasons

I’m sure there are millions of songs out there regarding “changing seasons” and welcoming in the summer time. As spring fades away and summer quickly approaches us in the upcoming weeks there are a lot of things that are changing along with the seasons. From the weather outside to the sports we watch to the types of vacations we take, a lot of aspects of our lives change, and one thing that should also change to help your company is how you target your customers.

Summer marketing should be focused on the broad, exciting things that happen during the months of May, June, July and August. A lot of people take a week or two off for vacation and are less likely to be focusing on work so posts that are asking about favorite vacation spots or day outings around town are a great way to spark an interest in your company! Connecting with people during the summer can lead to clients in the fall when things get more focused.

Some great ways to connect in the summer time is asking “surface level” questions that can help you connect personally with potential clients. Be sure to not ask questions about when they are going on vacation in the future because of security reasons, but rather ask “what are some of your favorite summer vacation memories?”

Other than vacations, major sporting events occur in the summer time. This year the World Cup will be going on, and people will love to give their two cents on which country they think will be victorious. The Stanley Cup playoffs and NBA finals will be finishing up with high drama and incredible games and highlights. A great thing to do would be to surf for the best plays from the night before and ask if anyone saw it happen live!

By making you or your company more relatable by asking more broad questions, people who may not have clicked on your link will be more likely to be interested based off of the connections made in the summer.

P.S. Be sure to have a vacation for yourself planned! Step back from social media for a few days and enjoy some free time with family and friends. Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ will all be there when you get back!

Challenge For You: Take some personal time off Social Media and enjoy some books, music, and nature.  Have a super fabulous day!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Twitter Announces Their Big Picture Change

Social Media trends have been ever expanding and big name sites are always trying to adapt to the ever-changing global (yes, global) social media market. Every 6 months or so it seems that a “new” version of either Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ comes out to try to make posting and sharing even easier than before. It usually takes a couple weeks to get used to, but as we get used to the update, we are quick to forget the old way and welcome in the new, faster, sleeker, more efficient style of posting anything and everything to social media.

Twitter has come out in the past few months with an all-new way of how pictures can be posted and seen by your followers. In the past you would have to click on the link to open it up. But in the “make every click matter” mindset of today’s world, a lot of times pictures would be passed over to ensure the most efficient way of getting through your newsfeed. Oh how things have changed. Twitter has now taken the link and put the picture on your timeline for you when operating twitter from your laptop or computer. Every picture is seen without a click. And that can generate interest in you or your company.

Pictures on twitter are a nice break from the continuous flow of word-only posts that range from a sporting event rant to a deep philosophical quote. Pictures jump out on the screen and catch your viewers attention. Pictures on twitter can be used for a variety of reasons. You can use them to show where you are (ex: Sporting event or vacation), a quote from a famous person, or even an infographic.

What’s an infographic you ask? Companies use them to give a visual display of the information they are trying to share. They are extremely useful in comparison to a word document outlining all of the information. Would you rather look at colorful displays and graphs or a 5,000 word report? See, infographics work magic when it comes to sharing what your company has to offer, sell, or inform.

Twitter has allowed you and your company a great (and free!) way to advertise your product or service by taking your pictures and putting them front and center on the timeline! Be sure to have a few key hashtags to really get the picture to connect with the viewers!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bracket Busted!

Every year millions of brackets are created, and by this point of the NCAA basketball tournament, everyone one of them is “busted”. There has never been a perfect bracket created, and probably there will never be one.  The odds are 1 in 9.2 quintillion. That’s  a lot of zeroes, there’s a reason why they call it March Madness.

This year Warren Buffet dropped the Billion Dollar Challenge on us. 1 perfect bracket=1 billion dollars. Everyone was quickly trying to decide which Cinderella team would pull the upsets, which number one seed would go down first, and which teams would end up in the Final Four. All with the longshot of winning that billion dollars. Some spent hours putting a bracket together, others made them based off mascots, and some through darts (literally). And every one of the 15 million brackets entered didn’t make it out of the first round of games. Warren Buffet was smiling somewhere, patting his wallet.

It started with Dayton beating Ohio St., an 11 seed over a 6 seed with Final Four hopes, some picked the upset, most didn’t. But the floodgates were opened and the confident “experts” were soon sending their brackets to the ever-growing fire of burning brackets (Some people actually burn their brackets out of disgust). Duke? Lost to 14 seeded Mercer. 3 of the 4 #5 seeds? Lost. Undefeated Wichita State? Out in Round 2.  Madness. Pure Madness. And yet we love it.

Millions of brackets were destroyed, but ratings were through the roof, and rightfully so! The games were incredible, even to the passerby fan. College classrooms had laptops open, but games being watched online. Lunch breaks at work turned into afternoon long breaks. Watching the madness unfold so beautifully before our eyes. And now, we have the Final Four teams. Playing in Jerry World this upcoming weekend. #1 Florida, the top team in the tournament. #2 seed Wisconsin entering the Final Four for the first time under legendary coach Bo Ryan who for so long couldn’t make it to the 3rd and final weekend of games. #7 seed UConn who’s hot at the right time. And finally #8 Kentucky who finally learned what playing as a team looked like.

Nobody is chasing a billion dollars anymore, so now we can forget the brackets and enjoy the final weekend of NCAA basketball. And then we can take a break for a few months before the season starts back up. And the quest for a perfect bracket starts all over. Just remember, there’s always next year!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Break From A College Student's Point Of View

Spring Break. It has been circled on every college student’s calendars since the first week back this semester. The semester has been full of tests, late nights, early mornings, and a whole lot of coffee. It seems that every professor tries to put a test the week before Spring Break, so the week off is really just a week to catch up on as much sleep as possible. Spring Break is a time to just simply relax. Some students run to the beach, others head for the mountains, others just want to go home.

As a college student, Spring Break was a perfect halfway point. You can look at how your semester is going, take measures to ensure you make the grades you want, and plan how you are going to finish the semester strong. For some, Spring Break is a wake up call. It’s where you realize that there are only a few weeks left in the semester and if you don’t kick it into high gear, you won’t get the grade you want.

But ultimately, Spring Break is a time to where you can put your grades aside, the schoolwork behind you, and enjoy a week of freedom that comes at the perfect time. Spring Break is a great time for a road trip with a group of friends. There’s not a whole lot of time left before the real world hits you and you can’t just drop everything for a week and jump in a car and drive to California.

Not every college kid is going to be on the Gulf coast at some crazy beach party like the ones you see on TV, but should you be weary on where you book your vacation? Yes. Avoid big resort areas on the Gulf Coast and try to find a more secluded spot on the beach, it’ll be a lot quieter, you’ll thank me later.

The most difficult part about Spring Break though is that is really just a preview for what’s down the road in a couple of months. It’s a small taste of what summer is. Some may call it a tease. But the reality will set in when Sunday hits before class starts the next day. We are still in class and summer is still a few months away. Let the countdown begin.

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