Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bracket Busted!

Every year millions of brackets are created, and by this point of the NCAA basketball tournament, everyone one of them is “busted”. There has never been a perfect bracket created, and probably there will never be one.  The odds are 1 in 9.2 quintillion. That’s  a lot of zeroes, there’s a reason why they call it March Madness.

This year Warren Buffet dropped the Billion Dollar Challenge on us. 1 perfect bracket=1 billion dollars. Everyone was quickly trying to decide which Cinderella team would pull the upsets, which number one seed would go down first, and which teams would end up in the Final Four. All with the longshot of winning that billion dollars. Some spent hours putting a bracket together, others made them based off mascots, and some through darts (literally). And every one of the 15 million brackets entered didn’t make it out of the first round of games. Warren Buffet was smiling somewhere, patting his wallet.

It started with Dayton beating Ohio St., an 11 seed over a 6 seed with Final Four hopes, some picked the upset, most didn’t. But the floodgates were opened and the confident “experts” were soon sending their brackets to the ever-growing fire of burning brackets (Some people actually burn their brackets out of disgust). Duke? Lost to 14 seeded Mercer. 3 of the 4 #5 seeds? Lost. Undefeated Wichita State? Out in Round 2.  Madness. Pure Madness. And yet we love it.

Millions of brackets were destroyed, but ratings were through the roof, and rightfully so! The games were incredible, even to the passerby fan. College classrooms had laptops open, but games being watched online. Lunch breaks at work turned into afternoon long breaks. Watching the madness unfold so beautifully before our eyes. And now, we have the Final Four teams. Playing in Jerry World this upcoming weekend. #1 Florida, the top team in the tournament. #2 seed Wisconsin entering the Final Four for the first time under legendary coach Bo Ryan who for so long couldn’t make it to the 3rd and final weekend of games. #7 seed UConn who’s hot at the right time. And finally #8 Kentucky who finally learned what playing as a team looked like.

Nobody is chasing a billion dollars anymore, so now we can forget the brackets and enjoy the final weekend of NCAA basketball. And then we can take a break for a few months before the season starts back up. And the quest for a perfect bracket starts all over. Just remember, there’s always next year!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Break From A College Student's Point Of View

Spring Break. It has been circled on every college student’s calendars since the first week back this semester. The semester has been full of tests, late nights, early mornings, and a whole lot of coffee. It seems that every professor tries to put a test the week before Spring Break, so the week off is really just a week to catch up on as much sleep as possible. Spring Break is a time to just simply relax. Some students run to the beach, others head for the mountains, others just want to go home.

As a college student, Spring Break was a perfect halfway point. You can look at how your semester is going, take measures to ensure you make the grades you want, and plan how you are going to finish the semester strong. For some, Spring Break is a wake up call. It’s where you realize that there are only a few weeks left in the semester and if you don’t kick it into high gear, you won’t get the grade you want.

But ultimately, Spring Break is a time to where you can put your grades aside, the schoolwork behind you, and enjoy a week of freedom that comes at the perfect time. Spring Break is a great time for a road trip with a group of friends. There’s not a whole lot of time left before the real world hits you and you can’t just drop everything for a week and jump in a car and drive to California.

Not every college kid is going to be on the Gulf coast at some crazy beach party like the ones you see on TV, but should you be weary on where you book your vacation? Yes. Avoid big resort areas on the Gulf Coast and try to find a more secluded spot on the beach, it’ll be a lot quieter, you’ll thank me later.

The most difficult part about Spring Break though is that is really just a preview for what’s down the road in a couple of months. It’s a small taste of what summer is. Some may call it a tease. But the reality will set in when Sunday hits before class starts the next day. We are still in class and summer is still a few months away. Let the countdown begin.

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Sunday, March 16, 2014


If you’ve been involved in Social Media in any form or fashion over the past 2-3 years as Twitter has exploded, you’ve seen them. #this, #that, #everything. I’d love to see the percent of English words that have had a hashtag attached to the front of it on Twitter. My guess would be over 50%, and over 75% would not surprise me at all. However, sadly, no such research has been conducted….yet.

The hashtag hasn’t just been solely a Twitter based social media staple, it has made its way onto Instagram, and yes, even Facebook now sees its fair shares of the famous hashtag. But what does it mean for YOU---The businessperson who wants to reach the most possible people so that they see your product or service and hopefully invest in you. If you know how to utilize the hashtag well, you can end up taking your business to the next level.

The purpose of a hashtag on social media is to “allow you to organize content and track discussion topics based on those keyword” –(Mashable). A hashtag connects you with other people who are using the similar tag regarding their tweet, picture, or post. By utilizing major events like award shows #TheOscars, hit tv shows #TheBachelor, or even sporting events #SBXLVIII, it can be a great way to connect with thousands of other people simply by using the similar tag. By clicking on the link that is created with the #, you can scroll through every post using the hashtag. Talk about great (and free) advertising!! Some people get creative with their hashtags and do a #original hashtag, or one that is not a “trending topic”. The key to these hashtags is to keep them #short, but be careful,  #ifyourhashtaggetstoolongitisalotoflettersrunningtogetherandisveryhardtoread.

Get creative and have a lot of fun with Hashtags! It’s a really cool way to connect with your client base and possibly get new clients in the process! The purpose of them is to connect you to others with similar content, so brainstorm some of the possible hashtags that your company could utilize to expand its social media outreach and get new customers!

 #Hashtag with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sometimes You Just Need To Get Out of the Suburbs!

Sometimes you just need to get out of the suburbs. Even if it is just for the day, taking a break from the minivans and super markets for a little bit can give you a nice perspective of life outside of the monotony that we sometimes find ourselves in. Hopefully the weather will start warming up here in the next few weeks, which gives everyone a chance to step outside and enjoy the sun and try to get about the famed “polar vortex”.

It’s tough to take a break and go on vacation; most of our bosses would probably point out that Christmas was barely a month ago and tell us to get back to work. So since a week long trip seems out of the question, why not take a day and enjoy what is in our backyard? Downtown Dallas. The city of Dallas has done an incredible job with revamping the downtown atmosphere and has brought in many exciting attractions that fit any type of personality!

The Arts district is one of the top art collections in the country. From the Nasher Sculpture Center to the Opera House, there are plenty of sights to see (and hear) if you want to spend your day in the downtown area.

Parks and places to relax outside are scattered throughout the downtown area. If you’re looking for a place to eat lunch in the ArtsDistrict, check out some of the food trucks that stop by on certain days. If getting food out of a moving vehicle isn’t quite your style, check out some of the family run restaurants that line the downtown streets in uptown.

Victory Park has brought the bright lights of Times Square next to the American Airlines Center, and the Stars and Mavs will be entering their playoff pushes. If you want to see world-class athletes playing at the top of their sport make sure to end your adventures downtown by catching a game.

Dallas has brought art, music, food, and sports for everyone in the metroplex to enjoy! If you are looking for a place to get away and get outside, look no further than the center of the metroplex.

Check out the website for more information on fun things to do in Dallas!

Post your comments below about any fun activities, restaurants, foodies, or events you have enjoyed in Downtown Dallas.  Looking forward to some new adventures!

Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 Is Already Proving To Be A Great Year!

The ball has dropped, the champagne has been poured, the confetti as fallen and accumulated in the streets. The euphoria of welcoming in the New Year has come and after a few exciting hours, has gone. Now what?

What is going to make this year different? What are we going to do as individuals, family, country, and society as a whole to make the world a better place? In a 2013 that saw tragedy and triumph, inspirational stories and moments that made us cringe. History points to 2014 having the similar tale as 2013 with all the stories that will take place. Some will take us by surprise, others will shock us, we will laugh we will cry and make some new friends.

But what if this year we made a point to be mad less and be joyful more. I know I’m beating a dead horse with this one (I’m sure your twitter feed has been full of “2014 going to be happier/better/more enjoyable/insert feel good adjective here than last year” tweets). 2014 doesn’t have to be the year where in June we look back at the past 5 months and remember our New Years resolutions and think “well there’s always next year”. 2013 flew by. If you felt like it didn’t please let me know your secret in keeping time slow because I feel like the years are going by too quick and I don’t want to blink and miss a decade.

This year lets go on adventures. Lets take chances and go out and see the world. There’s nothing wrong with taking a spontaneous trip to someplace on the globe. Life is short and as the years are flying by we don’t have as much time as we think we do. I know my challenge for myself is to be more adventurous. Get out and see nature and mountains, go kayaking somewhere exotic and take pictures. I don’t want 2014 to get away from me like 2013 did. Let’s not worry about the future, let’s not think about 2015 and beyond, heck let’s not even think about February yet. January is here, 2014 is here, lets live in the present and take advantage of it. Cheers to a New Year, New Adventures, and New outlooks.

My challenge for you...
Schedule something fun on your calendar within the next 2 weeks.