Monday, July 20, 2015

Pinterest: Reaching the Top in The Social Media Empire

There are various forms of social media in our society today. However, one of the more prevalent forms of social media within online community is Pinterest. Pinterest is a web based and mobile application social media site that allows users of all genders, and ages to collect, share, and store various visual images to what they call pin boards. These visual images come from numerous resources such as stores, various brands, and even normal individuals striving to share their ideas. Users have the capability to organize their boards based on a specific category they would like their saved visual images to fall under. These categories typically fall under a central topic or theme. Some categories recommended by Pinterest itself are food and drink, sports, travel, tattoos, women’s fashion, quotes, home decor, etc. There are many other categories provided by Pinterest, yet users still have the ability to create their own. Pinterest also works together with several other social media sites, such as Facebook, in order to help users find friends that are also using Pinterest. This gives users the capability to follow these people and view the pin boards of their friends, as well as share the images that they have pinned to their board. All of these pins appear on a home page that displays the image itself, who repined the image, and the specific category board that the image was pinned to. Pinterest does not simply stop there. They also pick specific pins for individual users based on their previous views and images that they have repined. Pinterest users also have the ability to find the exact site the pin came from by simply clicking on the image twice. The image is then hyperlinked to the main source of the pin and will direct you to its page. This not only makes Pinterest a great source for users to find information easily, but also serves as a marketing tool for various companies and businesses. Pinterest is consistently generating more and more users, as well as becoming a household name. They appeal to the individual person as well as notable businesses through their creative and unique form of marketing. Pinterest has dramatically risen in the ranks of social media accounts, coming in right behind Facebook and Twitter. The site itself gets millions of views and increases its number of members daily. Their innovative and distinctive marketing strategies are something that hasn’t been brought to the table by an online community before. They have come a long way since their start up in 2010 with new marketing strategies and way of increasing customer loyalty. Due to the wild popularity of the site, I would say these strategies are definitely working in their best interest! With all of this being said, Pinterest is also a great way for individual businesses to marketing themselves in a unique a creative context! By posting pictures and pins hyperlinked to your webpage you can drive consumer interaction through the roof! So if you haven’t already, go check out Pinterest and give it a try for yourself! If nothing else you might just find browsing through the popular page a great way to spend your time!

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