Monday, October 15, 2012

Improved Company Pages Now On LinkedIn - YEAH!

The new updated Company Pages have arrived on LinkedIn

They are finally here and I am so excited!

LinkedIn has been launching some new design features in the past few weeks.  Have you noticed the variety of images on your LinkedIn pages? 


If you have a company page, you should have received an email notifying you of the most recent change & a button to view your business profile.  Did you click on the button?  I did!

I was so excited to see that LinkedIn added a company image option.  We can now use images to speak to potential & current clients.  This is so important as we seem to be moving into another wave of preferred communication.  Image Communication!

LinkedIn has not put a list of restrictions for your Company image like Facebook did when they launched their Cover image.  You have the flexibility to design your image with any information you want to share.  Remember…  this image will more than likely be seen by “new followers” so your messaging should be appropriate for this group.  Don’t try to sell your services or products, but try to give them a reason to “follow” your company & receive updates.

YEAH!  There is an easier Updates Function now on LinkedIn as well.  This allows a company to send out information on a regular basis and it will be seen in your followers’ home page update list.  Encourage engagement, comments, testimonials, and Q & A so you can be top of mind to all your company’s followers.

Are you ready to begin designing your Company Image?  Don’t forget to size your image properly.  646 pixels X 220 pixels is the official LinkedIn image size.

I challenge you today to take one week to plan, design, and upload your new company image.  Don’t forget to post your URL below in the comments section.  We would like to keep connected & hear your success.

Good Luck!

If you enjoyed today’s blog post, please feel free to comment below.  We enjoy hearing your ideas, thoughts, and questions. 

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